Metroid: Confrontation


A new adventure starring Samus Aran


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Metroid: Confrontation is a short platform and adventure game directly inspired by the Metroid franchise, which began as a technical demonstration of the engine used by the game, and slowly evolved into a small independent game.

The game stars Samus Aran, the lead character of all the games in the original franchise, but comes with its own independent story. Within the game's storyline you can visit new scenes and face three final bosses before reaching the adventure's final outcome.

Gameplay is an identical copy of Super Metroid's, so you basically have to push your way through the different levels of the game by jumping, rolling, and shooting at enemies. You'll obviously have to earn some of the abilities before you can use them, a key feature of the popular Nintendo franchise.

Metroid: Confrontation is a fun platform and adventure game that, in spite of being geared mainly towards fans of the franchise, will also be enjoyed by any other fan of the genre.
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